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The Idea.
Our application «English Grammar Tests» for Android is being used by millions of people all over the world. More than a year we have been taking the first position on Google Play in the list of apps which are dedicated to the English grammar. And we are proud to have thousands of 5 star reviews from users.
The application has become a success because of the core idea: we wanted to connect testing with actual grammar learning. This grammar app unites testing system with clear explanations. Such a simple idea has made the app outstanding and popular around the world.
What’s Inside.
"English Grammar Tests" for Android contain two levels for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate students. This app covers 23 Grammar units and offers 1200 questions.
But what makes our app outstanding? These grammar tests help users check their knowledge by giving answers to questions. But this is not the main opportunity given in the app. When a user chooses the wrong option he reads the simple explanation below the task. Such a function makes testing more useful and helps a learner read about the certain grammar unit immediately. That means that a student does not have to search for the explanation in different grammar resources.
How it works.
english grammar test app
When you open the grammar app you find two options: Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. You choose the one you need and start testing immediately. Moreover, we have developed two modes to make testing more effective.
  • Mode one. Each level contains 30 tests with 20 questions. Each question is dedicated to the certain grammar unit. That means that you can check your knowledge in 20 grammar topics within one test.
  • Mode two. You can choose the only topic and test your knowledge within the certain material. There are 60 tests with 10 questions in each.
When you finish a test, the system shows your score. Also, you have the opportunity to get back to the test, see mistakes and read the explanation.
Online chat with thousands of learners from all over the world.
english grammar test app
We know that it is extremely important for a learner to implement the knowledge in speech. We learn the English language to understand people all over the world and to communicate with them. And also, we learn better when we use the knowledge in speech. That is why we have developed the online chat where you can speak about everything you want with learners from different countries.
Absolutely free grammar test application.
We offer the grammar app for free and do not make users pay for anything else inside the app. We are certain about the idea that knowledge should be available for everyone. So, when you download grammar tests you, get all 1200 questions and the functions.

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