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We are not afraid to tell that our idioms and phrases app is a unique one.
english idioms app
Long before to start the development of the «Idioms and Phrases» app, we had analyzed hundreds of similar applications on Google Play. We have discovered that lots of those apps had thousands of idioms with good explanations. But none of them taught learners how to use these difficult phrases.
Moreover, we were surprised to find out that there were no tests that could help learners check their knowledge. So, we came to the conclusion that there are many great apps with idioms that can be used as the thesaurus. But no app for actual learning idioms.
We have created a great opportunity to find idioms, learn them and test your knowledge.
Our application «English Idioms and Phrases» is a good help for those students which are eager to extend their vocabulary and to diversify their speech. With our idiom app they can do:
  • Find the necessary idiom, read its meaning and discover how to use it in everyday speech
  • Learn the most widespread idioms one by one in a clear list
  • Test your skills in two ways: read the sentence and insert the appropriate idiom in it or read the meaning and choose which idiom it is
We have collected the most useful idioms.
english idioms app
We didn’t want to create an app that would have thousands of idioms. And there is one good reason: it is impossible for a student to learn all idioms at once - we give you only the most widespread idioms which would certainly stay in your head. And we give you a good tool to learn them as fast as possible - our idiom app contains explanations, examples and tests.
We offer our idioms app for free.
Our idioms app doesn’t include in-app purchases. We know how it is important for a learner to get the maximum of the app at once. We know that it is always disappointing to find out that you have to pay for a product especially when you do not have such an opportunity. So, we still stay confident about our strong desire to give all the material for free. You can download free idioms on Google Play.

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